Welcome to my blog!

After the extremely bizzare year that was 2020, a year where just getting outside of your own four walls would be considered a novelty and for me personally, doing very little in the way of weddings, or just venturing off into the wilderness as often as I’d like, I decided that this year I would not take it for granted and make light of the current situation, have fun and document “The years after Covid”, if nothing more than to serve as a diary for my kiddly winks of our adventures.

But as this is a blog, rather than a dedicate website like the one for my wedding photography business, I’m free to list and document anything and everything I want to and not be constrained by one particular label.

I can share photography that’s not just about weddings, the geeky computer things and tech projects I’m planning on doing and write about new experiences that may lie ahead.

I’m not entirely sure what this will turn into, if nothing more than a record of what I and the rest of the Taylor clan get up to, but hopefully at least some of the content will add something informative and/or a little humour.