Well, it was going to happen at some point and now my time has come, COVID-19 has finally got me!

So I’ve decided I might as well create a day-by-day diary of my COVID-19 Corona virus journey.

The Weekend

It started on Friday with what I thought was just a normal common cold, runny nose, headache, feeling lethargic, then moved on to having a fever. Only having one of the 3 main covid symptoms and only a mild case at that, with a symptom that’s readily experienced with a cold.

The Realisation

On the Sunday is when it actually dawned on me that this was more than just a cold, I sat down to have some lunch, took a few bites and thought “I can’t taste bugger all!” which then turned to “Uh oh! 😳”, fortunately we had Lateral Flow Tests in the house to hand and it didn’t take very long for 2 lines to appear.

Realising that one should not eat for at least 30 minutes before taking a test, I took another test 2 hours later, just to be on the safe side and secretly hoping with my fingers crossed that the food I’d just eaten was the mystical reason why I got a positive result in the first place, but alas this was not the case…. The second bloody line appeared quicker than it did the first time around.🙄🤣


This now leads on to today Monday (as of writing), felt somewhat groggy for the morning into the early afternoon and I think that was partly due to the relatively rough night, but I think the rough night was mainly because I was out of paracetamol and I didn’t want to disturb/annoy/burden the wife any more than necessary in the night by getting her to grab me some more.

And the fact I’d been given strict instructions to not venture past the bedroom door, as if I did she’d kill me before Covid would 🤣

I had to attend one of the NHS drive-in centres for a PCR test, I wasn’t going to bother initially, what with two positive tests and a lack of taste, I thought it was pretty safe to assume I’d got it. But then I realised, my result wouldn’t be counted against national figures, also if a large enough amount of people did the same thing as I was thinking (which probably does happen in large quantities) the national figures would be so out of whack from what’s happening in reality.

The test was pretty much the same as the home kits, I was told it could be 24-48 hours for results to come in, but at this point I know what the result is going to be.

The Uncertainty

The bit I am unsure about at this point however, is how this will develop throughout the coming days, I’m happy to report that I’m managing just fine with paracetamol right now, but from reading things I’ve found on the net (I know, I know) it seems that by day 5 or 6 is where respiratory problems can rear it’s ugly head and cause people experiencing a relatively mild case to deteriorate.

I’m not too concerned about that too much right now, the hardest part is hearing my younger two children on the other side of the door wanting a cuddle from their old man and not quite understanding why that can’t happen right now and hearing the distress in their voices and the stress in the voice of my wife, trying to keep things going is heartbreaking and desperately frustrating.

Look after my daddy!

What is amusing though and given me the only giggle I’ve had over since seeing that positive test result, is hearing my youngest daughter issuing commands to her mummy to “bring daddy his dinner” and ensuring I’m otherwise being looked after. The hard as nails, mini dictator, does care after all 😂🤣


No discernible difference today, certainly not worse and I actually felt motivated enough to get some work done today which broke up the day, still no taste or smell and also discovered that that particular symptom might remain with me for quite some time.

I’m actually missing it more than I thought I would, I would absolutely love to demolish a trifle from Birds, but cannot taste anything, a neighbour of mine said there’s is slowly returning and they had covid weeks ago! So I’m not holding much hope out on that front.

What is surprising is other than the eldest, no one else in the house has got it, wifey is testing herself and the other two daily and so far, so good.


The first normal feeling day I’ve had since coming down with covid, woke up fairly bright, organised my cell… I mean bedroom, into something more livable, shaved and showered, fired up the laptop and did some work.

Still had a slight dip in tiredness though, which is quite a bizarre feeling as it’ll just rear it’s head seemingly out of nowhere and catches you out.

I also managed to break out of my cell… I mean bedroom and have a mooch around the garden with a cup of warm, brown liquid… I was assured it was coffee but I’ll just have to take Zoe’s word for it 🤷🏾‍♂️😂 #StillNoTaste