This year we visited one of our favourite places, The Scottish Highlands, we didn’t go last year due to the pandemic so when we visited this year we tried to make the most of it and be a little more adventurous than usual and took two inflatable Kayaks and a RIB along with an outboard motor for the journey.

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Loch Linnhe

We stayed in a lovely little abode called Lagnaha Cottage in a place called Kentallen, Appin.

We always love visiting the highlands, if I could, I’d move there permanently, but it would need some serious wife convincing to make the move happen.

The Kayaks we have are from Sevylor and a Sea Eagle 380x, this will have been the first time we had taken them out on a Loch, we set off from the slipway at Port Appin and head up Loch Linnhe, towards Shuna Island.

We didn’t actually get as far up as Shuna though, as we noticed some smaller islands and headed over to those instead, as we got around to the one with what turned out to be quite a famous castle on it, Castle Stalker, we noticed a small hiss coming from one of the valves, so abandoned ship and dived on to the island, fettled around with the valve and had a sandwich while we waited to see if we were going to stay inflated or not.

Fortunately it did and we all managed to get back nice and dry, we think we’d over inflate floor slightly and was realising due to the load weight, but as we had young kids on board it was best to be safe than sorry.